Meet at the crew house in Kleinbaai for a continental breakfast & briefing before the boat departure from Kleinbaai Harbour. You board Brian’s luxury 13 m catamaran “Apex Predator” for the 7km voyage to Dyer Island. While you are relaxing, the crew will attract the Great White Sharks, which are normally seen 99% of the time. A light lunch is served on board. Drinks and snacks are available throughout the day. Food and drinks are included in the price.  The trip may include a visit to Geyer Rock Cape Fur Seal Colony and Dyer Island. Geyer Rock Cape Fur Seal Colony consists of 30 – 40 000 Cape Fur Seals, while Dyer Island has 23 different types of seabirds. We arrive back at Kleinbaai approximately 4 hours after departure. Our shuttle service can provide passengers with one-way or return transfer from Cape Town (Launch Times depend on tides).

Great Shark Cage Diving


“Apex Predator “, Brian’s specifically designed and manufactured shark cage diving boat is a 13m long and 5.1m wide catamaran. Fitted with 4 x 200 HP 4 stroke engines and offers the most comfortable and stable means of experiencing the meeting with sharks. The boat is also fitted with a spacious cabin and changing rooms, wash hand basin, a hot and cold shower, flushing toilette, excellent back rest seating, separate watertight lockers for storage of your personal belongings, a flybridge and diving platform. Roll down blinds protect you from the wind and spray.

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Great White Sharks are surface feeders and can be seen and photographed from the surface. For the diving enthusiast, a special steel cage floats on the surface alongside the boat. The divers are no more than half a meter below the surface. Two highly skilled Dive Masters and a Level Three Medic with O₂ Management supervise all dives. The boat has two highly experienced skippers on board.The boat operations are monitored by SAMSA (South African Marine Safety Association), M.C.M (Marine Coast Management) and S.A. Nature Conservation. This ensures that our guests experience the most spectacular Great White Shark viewing and diving in complete safety.

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The cage is of floating variety and is custom – made using 12mm galvanised steel mesh and comfortably dives up to 7 divers. The cage floats right next to the boat to enable the diver to climb in and out easily. The diving equipment is supplied free of charge. The sharks are not able to enter the cage and have never been interested in doing so.
SHARKSGreat White Sharks are the world’s largest predatory fish, reaching up to 6 meters in length. They are powerful enough to launch their 2-ton bodies clear out of the water and are the ocean’s top predator, and the most feared creature of the sea, to both sailors and sea inhabitants alike.

We do not feed the sharks.